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Nick McGuire

Nick McGuire (1960) started his musical career at the age of six as a chorister in the Cookham church choir. Singing in English cathedrals and recording Bach’s St Mathew’s Passion at such an early age sowed the seeds of music for years to come. At the age of eleven he joined the Marlow brass band on trumpet and played bass guitar in school bands and local theatre productions. Nick currently teaches double bass and bass guitar in the Netherlands.
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Nick McGuire & The Jazz Jargonites

The Jazz Jargonites are something else! a jazz band that pulls a crowd, pushes and pulls the boundaries of jazz music in search of its limits, a band that loves to interact and entertain.
They play jazz music at all venues and events so give them a ring on 0031(0)6 23 87 30 96 (Nick's number)

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